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Filter entry on the fish bowl

Release date: 2015/11/30   Access times: 791

Today, some of the introduction of the knowledge of the filter, and share with you for the novice to learn.

Filter was used in the aquarium relatively smaller many fish friends, we all have such an understanding: the filtering effect of the filter to be relatively poor, no doubt on the filter have the disadvantage is overflow, not pretty enough to like the bottom is considered as the filtration equipment hidden in the bottom of the cabinet, in fact this with their use of the filter the quantity and quality of a great relationship, I think if filter design reasonable, there are very good filtering effect.

Have seen a lot of Mug uses is side filter or are considered, especially now bottom is considered very sought after, but on the filter design is indeed for fish friends saves a lot of space.

The filter has two kinds of common: trickling filter water and filter separator Defection filtering partition principle and the bottom is considered the principle -- simply put the above, such words inside the cylinder to increase a pump, the pump will produce resonance, noise, so many fish friends will again two middle bottom into account.

Defection filtering partition has the partition board to separate, one high and one low for a group of the filter tank is divided into three to four small lattice, each lattice to according to the order flow to placing materials, generally divided into three lattice, the lattice filter cotton, second on the grid biochemical cotton, the third lattice bacteria house or other similar effect filter. This high-low partitions will not only filter tank by effective space division, to convenient filter arrangement is reasonable, on the other hand, the relatively high the partition and the defection of the role to to allow water to fully pass all the filters, give full play to good filtering effect.

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