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Filter for the entry of the fish bowl

Release date: 2015/11/30   Access times: 786
Side filter includes: four corner filter, angle filter and back filter

The side filter is to complete the whole filtration process in the fish tank.

On the side of the filter in the proportion of the fish tank can be referred to the data: the side of the filter width of the =1/2V tank or the width of the side of the filter width =1/3V

Side filter has the advantages of: because overflow under the ceiling, and be able to filter out produced on the surface of the oil film, so can not only improve water volume oxygen, but also to be able to fish poo ceiling to filter cotton, therefore biochemical processing ability is strong, the internal volume compared to the previous filter is larger, it is possible to establish a strong biochemical system.

The disadvantages are: 1 side filter cylinder side filter easy to dry, water pump burn;
2 operation is better than the upper and the bottom of the filter is convenient, the novice operation has a certain difficulty;
3 take up space and not in the fish bowl.

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