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A built-in filter (submerged filter)

Release date: 2015/11/30   Access times: 729

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A, a built-in filter (submerged filter)

A built-in filter consists of a submersible pump and a filter tank directly connected together, submerged in water, in the filter tank has a drum shaped filter cotton wrapped around the cylinder of a rogue, have many biological ball inside the cylinder, easy adhesion of nitrifying bacteria. The water outlet of the built-in filter next is connected with a carbon dioxide air, carbon dioxide can be through the mouth into the water, carbon dioxide after the impact of water can be evenly distributed to every corner of the aquarium, absorbed by plants.

The biggest advantage of the built-in filter is

1 sound light, the direction of the flow can be adjusted according to the need to adapt to the main water tank;

2 cleaning is also very convenient, as long as the internal filter cotton can be removed, due to the built-in filter surface and water contact surface is larger, its unit area of small water power, the most suitable for feeding small fish and fish breeding period;

Disadvantages: the effect of mechanical filtering impurities is not as good as the upper part of the filter, because the filter after the dirt, attached to the filter in the cotton dipped in water, easy to cause the two pollution, the best with the use of the bacteria together.

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